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Selling my 2010 Jeep SRT8. This is an all wheel drive Jeep, sporting 700 horsepower under the hood thanks to the 7.2L Arrington 440 Stroker. The transmission was built by True Street to handle the power. I just had the top end of the engine freshened up with new valve guide seals, spark plugs, head gaskets, water pump, and knock sensors. This Jeep is an all out beast, and is not for the faint of heart. Below is a list of the add-on's and specs of the build. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

2010 Jeep SRT8 in Black Crystal Pearlcoat - Fully loaded, with the exception of the media package. It currently has 91,1XX miles, but has 40k miles on the drivetrain.

Arrington 440 7.2L HEMI Stroker - Installed by True Street Performance, and tuned by AJ (HEMITUNER)

4.060 Bore / 4.250 Stroke
4340 Forged and Balanced K-1 Crankshaft
4340 K-1 Rods with ARP bolts; 6.125 Rod Length
MAHLE Pistons
11.3 Compression
Clevite 77 Bearings (Narrow)
Meiling High Performance Oil Pump
Custom cut 6XX Arrington Camshaft
HEMI Heads, Phase 4 ported; 2.07" Intake and 1.57" Exhaust Valves
6.1 HEMI Stage 2 Ported intake manifold
Cometic Gaskets
Harmonic Balancer
92mm Throttle Body
850cc Fuel Injectors
American Racing long tube headers
HEMI Tuner TCM Priceless
HEMI Engine Roller Rockers
Arrington's SRT8 JEEP Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake
DiabloSport programmer with Air/Fuel ratio gauge
Billet technologies Catch can
Stant 180 thermostat
Corsa/mopar exhaust with deleted cats
Eibach lowering springs
Stock wheels powder coated black

Transmission was built by True Street Performance with Blue Top Solenoids and HEMI torque converter
True Street also built the rear end with a Wave Trac differential

Headlights and Foglights were built by Dan from DC Customs. Painted to match with Purple Angel Eyes and Red Halo's. Colors can be ran separately or together. - $1100
Tail Light Solutions Smoked LED rear tail lights with high powered reverse LED lights, along with TLS LED fogs on lower rear bumper - $400
Retains factory headunit with navigation, but door speakers and tweeters have been upgraded to Focal's, along with a 12" JL Audio sub in a custom box. All of the speakers are pushed by a JL Audio 900/5 amp that is installed under the rear cargo storage area. - $3000

Wheels, and all chrome trim has been blacked out. Powdercoat on the wheels, plastidip on the trim. Wheels are wrapped in Toyo Proxes with the 275/315 combo.

A Beltech radar/jammer is installed in the Jeep. I have never had a speeding ticket in it, ever! I don't think the radar portion is really working anymore, so I just run my Escort and am ready to hit the brakes and double tap the bypass switch on the jammer. The sensors are located on the front bumper, and above the rear license plate. The front sensors will need to be reconnected, as they were removed when the front bumper was replaced. Just never got around to doing them.

Cons: The drivers side rear tire will need replacing before too much longer. It still has decent tread...it's just starting to get thin. All 4 tires were replaced at the same time, but Discount Tire replaced the passenger side under warranty about 2 years ago. As seen on the Carfax, the front bumper has been damaged twice. I had someone run out at a 45 degree angle in front of me and clip the bumper. I saw him coming, so I slammed on the brakes. The edge of his rear bumper caught the front fascia, and peeled it like a banana. There was no other damage sustained to anything. I have pictures of both of the damage done by both incidents, so anyone interested can see that the frame was never touched. The paint on the intake has started to flake around the oil filler cap. Should've just had it powdercoated.

Pros: It's a flat out beast and just looks sexy!. Makes around 550hp to the wheels with a 3.5 second 0-60mph on the street...so it can hold its own! The paint and body are in amazing shape. I would give it a 9/10, due to it being 10 years old. It's been stored in my garage which is climate controlled. The seats show very little wear, and everything works as it should. The plugs, waterpump, and heads were just replaced/rebuilt, and the rear cargo hatch struts last year. The floor mats have been replaced and look new with SRT8 emboidered into the fronts. The sound system hits hard, and I get nothing but compliments about the speaker box whenever I open the hatch out in public. The DC Customs head and fog lights are flat out sick! Again...nothing but compliments about them! Maintenance has been kept up to date by Bailey's Hyperformance here in Fort Worth. The transmission, transfer case, and front and rear differential fluids/oil were all changed out around 10k miles ago. I replaced both rear axle seals around the same time as they had started seeping. I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the wheels at the same time to clear off any of the gear oil that had collected.

That's everything that I can think of off the top of my head, but I will update the ad if I think of anything else. Like I said, please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. It is located in Fort Worth, TX. Asking 30k

Absolutely no checks, paypal, wire transfers, etc. PLEASE don't waste my time!! I have bought and sold many vehicles, so I am very much aware of what a scam is. No, I don't need help selling it I am not going to list my number on here, due to deadbeat scammers blowing me up at all hours of the night. Please feel free to ask whatever question you may have, but please save both of us the hassle of ridiculous lowball offers. I won't even waste my time with a response. Yes, I'm asking more than what KBB or NADA have it listed at. There is more than 35k into the build of it, not including the cost of the Jeep. If you want an SRT8 at or below bluebook, please go look at a stock SRT8. This one isn't for you. Absolutely no joyrides will be given unless I see cash in hand. I do have a clean title in hand.


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