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My wife is scheduled to have our 2nd baby Dec. 23, and I wont be riding for a while. I have decided to sell my rig and start building a 3 or 4 seater to accomodate the recent additions to my family. This buggy has been out 3 times and after a few bugs and a lil tuning she is running great. I didnt cut corners with cheap/used parts on this rig, I used new top of the line parts throughout the build. The only used parts on the entire rig is the t-case and the engine, and it had less than 3 hrs run time before pulling it from my mustang.

Im 6'1" 265lbs and its very comfortable for me.+
2.5 ton Axles
43" TSL SX Sticky tires
MRW Beadlocks
1410 Drive line
Fox Coilovers/Bumpstops
Triple Rate Springs

Ford 408c.i. Stroker 550-600 hp
4340 crank AFR Heads Edlebrok intake hooker headers
1 chamber Flowmasters
Pro Products Powerjection III Fuel inj
Electric water pump
PTC C-6 Transmission 2200 stall
205 t-case twin sticked NW Fab kit
Art-Carr trans shifter
Howe Performance Steering

Corbeau Seats
G-Force 5pt Harness
AutoMeter PhantomII Gauges
Playback Tach
Splined Hub Steering wheel
Custom Fiberglass Flowthrough Console
Aluminum floor pans
Rear Sway Bar
Complete $40,000
W/O Motor $32,000
Jeremy (770) 315-4129

The front shocks in these pics are used, I was still waiting on springs for the new ones.


sticky tires are unfair - YouTube
Jeremy in Poison Ivy on Copperhead Morris Mountain RBD 2011 - YouTube
IMG_0699.MOV - YouTube
Buggy on Violator - YouTube

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This may sound crazy but How much for the chassis? no drivetrain no tires no axles no engine trans or tcase? I have a collection of nice parts but your chassis rocks!!!!
If I remove the parts you listed I'll sell the rest for $26,000. Not sure what all you want with it. All the interior peices will have to go with it since its all custom fit to that chassis.
If you just want the chassis CSC Fab can build you one bare bones roller with your parts for alot cheaper, or I can remove everything but panels radiator fuel cell and seats for $15,000.

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Thanks for the compliments, i hate to see it not being used but with new baby i wont be able to ride for a while and that will give us time to build design and build a 4 seater. CSC is working on a 6 seater now with 2 bench seats and it looks awsome. Look for a build thread in about 2 weeks.
If you have any questions about this rig or about having one built give me a call.

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Badass, and FINALLY a still shot that shows what a full throttle launch looks like. :smokin:

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