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From my wifes cousin Daniel,

Daniel writes "I got dear ol dad to tac weld the front spring hangers in place to day, getting ready for the solid axle swap on the 91 Toy!!! But i still have to get steering and leaf springs, but running low on cash. So if you know someone that would want an 84 22R motor that runs great (was told it had about 50k on a rebuild) Ill take $400obo for it. Those that know about the little 22R motors would jump right on that!!

I also have a 84 rear end with 4.11 gears it is complete from drum to drum with leafs, Ill take $250 for it that includes the pumpkin. I still have the wheels they are 15x8 chrome like the ones on my truck with 255x70 tires still in good shape $100."

This is from a 84 Toyota Pickup. Daniel also has the frame, and cab if there is something in those that you might want? Front end was wrecked so I think the hood/grill is messed up. No bed. Contact Daniel at [email protected] if you are interested in any of the below.

He bought the 84 for the front straight axle which he is putting on his 91 Toy. Some of you may have seen him at Uhwarrie National Forest this year, grey regular cab Toyota Pickup running 33" swampers. (All this stuff is located in Winston-Salem, NC area.)

Sam Hinton Jr.
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