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hey guys.

my newly acquired 86 22r is showing me all it's gremlins.

There's a tick under heavy load (tires are 33x12.5x15) but at cruising speed there doesn't sound like any.

It's there upon cold starts, as well as what I'm fearing might be the timing chain. (a real rough runnin noise sometimes)

When I changed oil (first oilchange for this car) I left it to drain while I pulled and rebuilt the starter. When I pulled the filter, I was shocked to find there was iittle oil.

Is this normal for 22r's filters to be mostly empty if you left the drain plug out for for 20-30 min

For small blocks, you take of the dist cap and manually turn the fan blades watching the dist. If you can turn 1/4 turn without the dist moving, then there's a problem.

What should I be looking for on this 22r?
It's late, gnite and thanks guys!
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