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OK, new one to me. I just got the timing set on the 22re after a top end rebuild. I am pretty sure I have the timing set right, had to do it manually as the jumper wire would not retard the RPM, so manually set it to 12 using the timing light. I brought it up to temp so I could verify my valve lash, and happened to think of checking the temp of the headers per cylinder. I found cylinder 1 and 3 indicating 435 F but 2 and 4 only at 250 F.

Everything sounds fine, no indication of a miss fire or anything, compression is good and matches per cylinder (cant remember off the top of my head but have it written somewhere), and everything else appears fine.

Any thoughts?

Top end rebuild was due to a lack of power, I know I had compression issues and a bent valve was found on cylinder 3, machine shop made the repair and now all compression is good.

I find it odd though that 2 and 4, 1 and 3 are tied on the fuel injector pulses, but all "seems" fine on that side of things. If it was injector related I would think the header temps on those cylinders would be much lower as the radiant temp would not heat things that much, especially on #4 where I have free air on the back side.
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