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231>242 swap questions

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So the guts in my 231 decided to eat theirselves the other day in my 87 cherokee...Im going to swap in a 242 i have laying around collecting dust. This should be basically a direct swap right?? Both cases look pretty much the same. Its going behind a AW4...Is there anything special i should know about??

Also...do i need different axle seals when putting in a non-disconnect axle shaft into a dissconnect housing?? If so does anybody have a part number handy?? Thanks!!!!!!:D
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Yes, the disconnect axle housing is not set up for seals on the disconnect side. I think Parts Mike can get you seals that will fit in there - give him a call.
Check the input spline count. Earlier models were 21 spline, and later were 23, I think.
Plus, the clocking of the 242 will probably hang a little lower. My 242 is quite a bit lower than my 231.

Can't help you on the axle seal.
Actually the clocking of the 242 is the same as the 231, its just the fact that the 242 uses bigger sprockets and chain than the 231 so the case is bigger. Hopefully you have an early model 242 with the 21 spline input.
You need a seal for your axle in you're putting non-disco shafts in a disco housing.

The cases are a direct swap pending you've done your homework and have the right spline count.

This is NOT hardcore tech. :shaking: :shaking: :shaking:
...crap...I have the 23 spline 242..... Anyway to still use this like swapping tailshafts out of the transmission or is that more trouble than its worth??? THanks
AW4's are not all that expensive and are in plentiful supply. Swapping the entire transmission will be easier and cheaper than swapping tailshafts.
Thanks for the help guys....I still got some questions i need cleared up.. Let me start from the beginning....First off i have a 87 cherokee with AW4 and NP231, and the chain in the 231 has broken and busted a hole in the side of the case... Heres what i have to replace the 231...I have another AW4(bad bands) with a 23 spline NP242 that is in good shape. Next i have a puegot 5 speed with 231 that feels a little sloppy. Meaning when 4wd is engaged and front driveshaft is turned there is about 1/8-1/4 turn before rear shaft starts to turn...Is that all that bad or about normal? The 242 doesn't do that..... Is the 231 off the 5 speed a direct swap? And is the play in it a bad thing?? Also can i replace the 23 spline shaft in the 242 with a 231 with spline count to match my AW4???? Thanks so much for the help and sorry for all the questions!! This is my DD and im low on cash so im trying to make do with the stuff i got!!!!!
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