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Selling my commercial grade Generac Gaurdian back up generator. Model SG0047260. The unit is 25KW (25,000 watts) and only has 174 hours on it (excellent condition). It's 120/240, 1 phase. It's rated for 104 amps continuous at 240 volts or 208 amps continuous at 120 volt with a built in 125 amp two pole breaker. Because this is the commercial grade unit, it makes for a more desirable, robust and reliable residential or aggricultural back up unit. It's a water cooled unit and is rated for the FULL 25KW output, CONTINUOUS. The motor Generac spec'd for use in this generator is a Mitsubishi 1.5 liter 4 cylinder overhead cam with pressurized lubrication (30-50 psi oil pressure), spin on oil filter, is water cooled and designed for use with natural gas or propane.

Comes with a 200 amp automatic transfer switch and large flex conduit with heavy guage rated wire already installed (to connect the two). All you need is to wire off your main panel into this transfer switch. When the transfer switch loses main power, power outage for example, the transfer switch starts the generator automatically. It switches off city power and switches to generator power, which then feeds the main panel it's tied into, automatically.

The generator was purchased new with the 200amp transfer switch for $8500 and the complete, total installation cost came to $21,800 in July of 2003 at a commercial location. I have all the paperwork, reciepts, manuals, etc. Unit retails for approx $8500 + $1200 for transfer switch = $9700 retail currently. Plus tax.........

The unit does not require any special conversion kit to change fuel type. All you have to do is swap a fitting and a plug to convert from natural gas to propane. Fully functional, everthing works perfectly and has a sound attenuated weatherproof enclosure. Noise level is only 74db normal load and 62db in excersise mode. Very quiet. I think it's the Cadillac of generators. Specs listed above are pulled from the Generac service manual. The unit has 174 hours runtime and according to the manual, based on hours, this machine has only needed the oil/oil filter changed twice. It's in new condition.

This is a turn key generator setup with the transfer switch, conduit whip and 6 spring isolators for vibration dampening (mounting feet). Other than another piece of conduit and several feet of wire, it's a complete package only needing to be tied into your main panel. This is the perfect unit to power your house, ranch, shop, farm or office when the rolling black outs come or natural disasters and with room to spare. I sound like a damn salesman.....

The unit has recently been disconnected and moved for storage. Even though it's not hooked up, it can be connected to a fuel supply and started for any interested parties. The unit was removed due to moving. Pm me, email or call with any questions or to see it. I can connect the gas line and prep it to be started for any serious buyers.

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