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Selling my project to make room for new ones.
Starting off, a very solid '27 T touring front half, doors are hung and open and close like they should.
Have 2 frames, one is already cleaned of brackets and front tube crossmember and grill shell mounted. Has '46 Ford front axle with hydraulic brakes, '46 Ford rear banjo axle, torque tube and wishbones. Axles came off a running car, wheel cylinders and pads a in good shape. Also has a set of split Model A wishbones up front.

The motor is a '53 Mercury Flathead, with a 4" stroke crank. This is the one to build a hotrod flathead from!!! Motor is in good shape, all original, heads already pulled so you can see for yourself. Still had the Mercury labeled headgaskets.. Also have the 3spd trans and bell housing.

Comes with the tall rear T spring, front spring, and the '46 Ford springs that came off the axles.
15" steel wheels (4)
Extra set of long truck wishbones
Set of '46 Ford hydraulic Houdallie lever shocks.

This is a FANTASTIC start to a badasd traditional styled hot rod. Would cost quite a bit more and take a lot of swap meet walking to get all these parts together.

Asking $3500 OBO

Feel free to call or Text

Here's the CL link for pics.
1927 Ford Model T Hot Rod project
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