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Okay so to start out, yes I have been doing my research. I am getting ready to swap AAM axles from a 2004 cummins under my 1998 2500 cummins. I know the front basically bolts in under the truck but I am stuck on two things that seem to be somewhat vague in the posts I've read thru.

First is the control arms, will my aftermarket non adjustable ones work? They are meant to push the axle forward with a 3 inch lift on the front. Or will I have to buy/build adjustable ones? All the forums I've read people tend to just use adjustable ones. I know the second gen uses smaller bolts on the axle side of the control arms.

Second is steering as the axle didn't come with any when I got the set. I plan to run the 04 steering but I'm trying to figure out if the 04 pitman arm tie rod will bolt to my 98 pitman arm or if the 98 pitman arm tie rod will work with the 04 drag link, in other words will it thread into the adjustment sleeve of the 04 drag link.

These are really my only questions since I already have an adjustable track bar setup and I already know with the rear that I need to move the leaf spring perches in for the 2nd gen leaf springs. Now before anyone says why AAM? Well here's why: my front axle is about shot and needing a rebuild basically. It is also starting to rust out around the coil spring buckets and such. The AAM has bigger brakes in the front and disc in the back, they also have the 3.73 gears which will be good for my truck with 35 inch tires as I daily drive with it and use it to tow and that's about it. I also only paid 400 for both axles still bolted to their frame. Anyways that's my spiel, I hope someone can help me with this or point me in the right direction.
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