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It started as 40' in two 20' peices
I did all the measuring,cutting and most of the beveling for you. Went through 1 chop saw blades and had to exchange my POS harbor freight chop saw 3 times. All you have to do is bevel the rest of the peices, measure for your springs in the rear and cut the 2 rear peices to match and weld it together.
I paid 120 delivered and I already did the hard part. I am going with a frame that was given to me. I want $100 firm
Here is the plans for you to go by. I have a bigger picture if you want it, I had to resize it to post.
EDIT: Forgot to mention that the design is for full width axles, so no outboarding is needed for the springs.
Call me on my cell if your interested
707 208 3504
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