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These may or may not already be available and if they are I would not know what to call them.

I want to put heims on my jeep for steering, however if I dont like it at all I would like to be able to go back to TRE.

The question is does anybody make a bolt that is 3/4 inch where the heim would be, then the correct taper for a knuckle, then 1/2 inch at the top like a dana 30 TRE is.

My application would be for a scout 44 with CJ knuckles.

If no one makes this I am confident that I could start with a 3/4 inch bolt and make my own but It might be a bit time consuming.

If I did make my own would it hold up? I dont see why it wouldnt seeing it would be the same thickness as the stock TRE's
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