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hi there,

i know there are "opinions and opinions" out there on the 3/4e setup...

My Q. now is ... and i couldn't find anything covered yet....

If you use this setup, and limit it to - say 3" of droop .... you still would greatly benefit from the fact that the shackle is not the element that has to sit parallel to the frame, when the axle is at an angle (stuffed at one side, drooped at the other)

Wouldn't the goofy leaf twist up, allowing the shackle to adapt way better to the angle the spring pack is at ....

I am thinking kindalike the orbit-eye setup...

It would take a lot of stress/bind off the spring pack...

any opinions on this aspect of the 3/4e???


ps: when torque is applied to a s/r front-end... would the pinon bein forced to point up or down? ... how about on the rear (w/o shackle-reversal)
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