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I have one ticket to the 56th Annual Jeepers Jamboree or 30th Annual Jeep Jamboree worth $330-$350 depending on which trip you take. The 56th Annual Jeepers Jamboree has 2 trips: 4 Day Trip July 24-27 (250 vehicle max) 12 meals furnished; and a 3 day trip July 25-27 (250 vehilce max) 9 meals furnished. Or you can choose the 30th Annual Jeep Jamboree, a 3 day trip August 1-3 (350 vehicle max) with 9 meals furnished. Included in this ticket are the following: ALL Meals, Experienced guides on the trail, Exclusive use of the Rubicon Trail, Entertainment, Prizes, Fun, games and relaxation.

This is a once in a lifetime event for less than 1/2 price. Your choice of trips and this is good for the 2008 season only. Please call at (530)333-1169.

Asking $150
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