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Well I didn't want to start a new thread but I'm going to. I have the famous 33x10.50 vs. 32x11.50 tire question to ask again. I have a 2000 3.4L Tacoma and won't be planning to change the gears for a while. I will be buying the BFG KM2 that's for sure. Tomorrow I'm going to order either one (32 or 33)and I've read all I can find and looked at tons of pictures of course, sooooo....

First, the pizza cutter look is kinda growing on me but I'm not for sure if I want such a skinny tall tire. I also don't want a mexican looking truck with wide tires.

Second, Performance, and mpg mean a lot because this is my DD. Honestly is there anyone out there and maybe Jentzschman could help answer this... Which will affect my on the road performance less a 32x11.50 or the 33x10.50... What if I put a load in the bed (camping gear and recovery stuff)???

Lastly, will both tires fit without spacers on the front with just slight rubbing?
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