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Looking for the side gear and the clutch/H.O.R. assembly.

Let me know if you have either one, and could get it to me before next weekend.

The clutch/H.O.R. assembly is most important; it would probably work fine with my side gear & retainer. I have an event on Sept. 14 though that this thing needs to be back together for.

Again, looking for 35-spline D60 Detroit parts, (1) side gear and (1) clutch/H.O.R. assemblies what usually blows up when you nuke an outer shaft etc. too. I can give the part numbers if it comes down to that.

I will likely be going with the first vendor/private seller that can actually find these damn things without an 8-12 week lead time, and would be able to provide 1 of each of the things I mentioned.
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