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35" SSRs on Blackies & Misc Jeep Stuff Albuquerque

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I have 4 35" SSR's with 90%+ tread on them. Never Ever saw dirt. Took out for test drives, then tow-backs :D
about 500 miles on them, wheels are 15x8 Blackies on 5x4.5" and 3.75".
No scratches on wheels, Tires are Perfect.
Changed bolt pattern so I figure its easier to Sell the whole package and start again. In Albuquerque,NM. No Shipping.(No time or Vehicle big enough to haul to ForwardAir)
Bought from 4Wheel Parts, (But they are still good tires) :flipoff2: (first flipper, required for Pirate threads)
Also have a 33x12.50x15 TSL on Blackie as well. Was a spare that sat on the back. Dont think it ever touched asphalt, but dont hold me to that.
Make offer!
Powerstop Cross Drilled rotor setup with almost new pads Rotors still have gold finish on them. New is like $220. For XJ (not sure of YJ or TJ)
Rusty Adjustable HD trackbar. No frame mount. Bushings are perfect
$75 ??
Also Have two links that wont fit my setup 3/4" heims. one is a track bar the other is drag link setup for EB. I believe the tubing is 1-1/4" .250 Chromo. (Email me for pics or exact measurements)
Price? I dunno free if you buy something else from me or make offer.
PM box says full even tho I dont have any msgs init. email me or post here.
:flipoff2: (second required flipper for Pirate posts)

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interested in getting it dismounted and shipping it yet? I kknow for a fact Fed-ex will ship it. My offer of $100 shipped for just the tire still stands. For the 33in TSL Radial. -Tim
I lost money the last time we tried to ship that thing :(
I need local or AZ, CO.
Someone Needs these small tires! make offer
If I cant sell locally Ill consider selling for $750
shipped forward air to So Cali, AZ, or CO.
anywhere else by quote
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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