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i did a search, but couldn't get it to work, just kept saying "this page not available" so redirect me if this has been asked before

this is for a 1979 front dodge dana 60
it currently has the 30 spline stub shaft and the 8 bolt external selectro hubs
one of the hubs is shot, and I need to replace a u-joint so I figure why not just get the 35 spline stub shaft.

I was told that there is a spicer/dana replacement that was factory on a forklift anyone know what the part number might be?

plus here is the kicker
where can I get 35 spline, 8 bolt external hubs? or even just 35 spline drive flanges?
I talked to both warn and milemarker and they both are at a loss
no external bolt on hubs for 35 spline dana 60 stub shaft.

so I bring this question to the mecca of one ton knowledge

who's got the answers out there?

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The part number for an external 35 spline drive flange is 26049x(spicer).Unfortunately, it has long been discontinued.The part number for the 35 spline outer is 3-82-871..Unless you change to an internal style bearing hub you will have to have some drive flanges custom made which can be done..There was a guy who posted the following name on a local message board in my area that does them...Tom Tomolin 1-812-358-3327...p.s. the spicer part number for the internal style 35 spline drive flanges is 620861...Unfortunately, it has been on back order for the last few months..Warn offers a 35 spline drive flange for the internal style and I belief dynarape has the 35 drive flanges in stock ..The ones at dynarape are spicer ones.By the way ask about the price from [email protected]%$# before buying the stub axles..I know someone who paid $150 PER outer 35 spline shaft from them which is way to high.So shop around..Good luck
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