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These tires are Dick Cepek 38"x15.5x15 Fun Countrys. The wheels are Weld 15x12 6 lug. I bought these off a buddys project truck before it was finished and theyve been on my project for a month or so. They dont look like they have ever been driven on, I believe these are brand new. Same story for the wheels. they could use a polish but they also look to be brand new. Id like to trade for some more aggressive tires (boggers, iroks, etc.) and a set of beadlocks.

$1500 for wheels and tires, all new 0 miles

Id rather trade then sell, because if i sell em i wont have anything under my jeep. But make offers. im open.

located in baton rouge, la

pics wont show, but there they are. feel free to ask questions and im building a project so offer any trades

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