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I just finally picked up the above for a 79 CJ7.
This engine is small, 231 cid, 207 hp. It has direct port injection. This engine gets 28 mph.

It came mated to the 4l60E --complete with harness, computer. I asked for all the adjoining parts--ac compressor, ps pump, alt, condensor, radiator. The exhaust had 2 o2 sensors --on in each exhaust manifold, one in front of the cat and another in back.

There was a harness that went into the firewall, which I would imagine is for the gages, ignition, starter, power.

Novak --has the shorter tailshaft, 2-4w adapter tail and VVS in a kit for 500.

Now my only problem is where the rest of the wires go. Any place where one can get simplistic wiring diagram for this engine/trans unit.??

This is probably a fantastic application of this motor and trans. 200 hp for a wt of 2100 in a small package.

Has anyone done this??
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