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I'd go with the 22RE 4 cylinder. The V6 needs costly adapters to run the gear driven cases for the marlin crawler componentry. The only case they bolt to straight up is the weaker chain driven V6 unit.

The 3VZ-E 6 also has a tendency to go through headgaskets (it usuall blows between two of the cylinders).

It only produces 20HP more than the four cylinder, and about the same amount of torque, AFAIK.

I would just find a beater 85 toyota (with the efi 4 cylinder and solid front axle) and throw the whole drivetrain into a samurai if I was going to build one. You get 130HP, 145 LBFT of torque, produces less heat, and it's much easier to fit into the engine bay.</font>
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