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i have the entire drive train out of my 97 TJ

motor $300
jeep had 100,000 miles on it when motor was pulled

i was driving home from work when the exhaust fell off (header snapped)
at that point the jeep stopped running and i pulled to the side of the road. i tried to crank it several times, no weird noises and turned over easy but would not start (my guess is that the o2 sensor sensor laying on the ground is the problem )

was just about to yank it to do a v-8 swap anyway
so i just pulled it
its still connected to the trans and t-case. all the accessories work a/c,ps pump, water pump and alt. injectors are all good computer some how got tossed out :homer:
would make a great stoker project though
few rock dents in the oil pan
dose not leak oil
no smoke
oil changes every 3k
will need new harness

Ax-15 $400

100k (same as motor its attached to)
clutch is good
syncros are all good no grinding
still full of oil
comes with slave cylinder and if you want ill rip out the clutch peddle and the booster

NP 231 $250
100k (same as trans and motor its attached to)
worked great, no grinding or leaking
still full of oil
no damage to splines (see pic)
includes speed sensor
i do have the slip yoke to if you want it

i will ship everything

my address is
3431 North bruce street
North las vegas, NV 89030

it is commercial
if you guys have any questions let me know

its a hell of alot cheaper if you go with Forward air for shipping
i did a quote for the trans to tenn. and it was $100

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just to give every one an idea what the shipping cost is

this is for the tranny to CA

shipping with residential delivery up and no lift gate


With lift gate

$214 (its 135 LBS you and a buddy can probably lift it out of the truck)

comercial delivery


comercial delivery with lift gate

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