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My truck is currently not drivable because the driver's upper ball-joint didn't take well to being beaten all summer. Next time I'm at home I'm doing ball-joints and swapping in a locked 4.10 D50 center chunk while I'm at it (why wouldn't I, having the knuckles off is 80% of the work). I need a 4.10 ratio R&P for the Ford 8.8 rear axle and I figured I may as well give someone here a chance to make a buck and free up some space on a shelf. I need it shipped to 02645. Keep in mind they're all over eBay for about $100-$120 but I'm open to paying more if they came with stuff I'd have to buy later (i.e. spacer and shims).

I've got an NP435, some Chevy I6 stuff, steering for a 50s Chevy, some Mariner outboard parts and a bunch of other odds and ends (seriously, ask, I might have something you need) that I'm sick of looking at if anyone wants to do a partial trade.

I look forward to doing business with you. Please PM me.


(FYI, I'm posting this to the other forums I visit as well)
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