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4 - 315/75/16 Pro comp MT's

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4 tires
Tread is 95% with no rock rash or cuts.
Will ship on your dime or meet if you are close.

Need them gone yesterday!!!

$500 FIRM.

Located in JAX FL.

I WILL SELL THESE FOR $550 SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA BUT ONLY TO SAN LUIS OBISPO!!! My father works for FedEx and for a limited time during the holidays they get a incredible deal on shipping!

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Bump for a new day!
Ummm, Hola? Como estas? :D
PM returned, Top...

I will sell these for $550 SHIPPED!!!!! to CA but only if you can pick them up in San Luis Obispo. THAT IS THE ONLY PLACE I CAN SHIP THEM FOR THAT PRICE!
Sent the money today call me or Pm me to let me know when you ship Thanks
Thanks for shipping them so quickly. I'll get in touch with your dad in a week or so. Oh yeah my wife talked to him at the bank today. Small world. Well kinda


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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