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I know this is primarily a rock crawling board but a lot of members have 3/4 tons for trailering....

Full kit with everything but the pitman arm (part #DA300)
-D45 Diesel/v10 coils
-sway bar drops
-upper control arms
-upper control arm brackets
-lower control arms
-trackbar drop
-brake line extenders
-vaccum line drop
-new nylock nuts and washers, dipped the bolts in carb cleaner,
-bushings are in great shape
-front and rear HYDRO shocks
-rear brakeline drop.

-I traded my truck in about 3 months ago and have had this sitting, I will include stock control arm bolts (do not have the cam bolts [lower control arm-axle side]) off a 1998 2500 just in case yours are seized in place.

-If you want a cheap way of lifting the rear (which I would not suggest but hey its free). I have my stock 2500 blocks sitting around taking up space (they won't fit in my luggage) you can have them but they will weigh down the box. They are 4.75" tall.

-This kit will fit a 1994-1999 truck. If you wish to put it on a 2000-2002 2500 then you will need to buy a different bushing set ($65) and pitman arm part #DA302

WILL NOT PART so don't bother asking.

The finish is in perfect condition, I will have pics by tomorrow.

$425 + shipping, if you want to offer lower I will post the ebay link when I put it up next week. So don't make lower offers here.

The finish is in perfect condition, I will have pics by tomorrow.
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