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I need some help to make sure I'm setting this up correctly any advice would be great thanks guys


Re: 4 link calculator help

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here is another one i was working on*

4 Bar Linkage Calculator v3.0******************************************= Mess with these cells
Vehicle Specifications:************Suspension Geometry:******************Geometry Summary:************
Wheelbase***124.0***in******Upper Links***x***y***z*********Static Anti-Squat***71***%***Travel Anti-Squat:***100%
Tire Diameter***49.00***in******Frame End***37.00***20.00***36.00***in******Roll Center Height***25***in***Travel Roll Center:***25.37
Tire Rolling Radius***24.00***in******Axle End***0.00***17.50***31.37***in******Roll Axis Angle***6***degrees (Roll Oversteer)***Travel Roll Axis:***5.82°
Vehicle CG Height***40.25***in******Lower Links***x***y***z*********Instant Center X-Axis***238***in***Pinion Change:***0.00°
*Vehicle Mass***5,000***lb******Frame End***47.00***3.25***29.50***in******Instant Center Z-Axis***61***in***Travel Amount:***0.00
Front Unsprung Mass***1,150***lb******Axle End***4.75***16.50***22.50***in***************Travel Increment:***1.00
Rear Unsprung Mass***1,150***lb************************************

im really just not sire what anti squat and static anti squat need to be at
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