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First let me fill you in. I have a 1980 CJ-7 with a 3-link 1/4 elliptical setup in the rear and SOA in the front on D60 dually front and 14 bolt rear. I am having problems with my turning radius (39.5 Boggers get into the leaf springs) in the front as well as my front leaf springs are kinking big time at the rear hanger of the leaves on both sides. I assume this is being caused by nosing up against rock ledges and down steep grades when the weight of the Jeep is thrown forward. To alleviate these problems, I would like to convert to a 4 link front. My buddy has a full service shop to do the work, I just need to decide on A) What type of suspension ie. coil springs, Air shox, or are coilovers really worth the extra cost? B) Suggestions on how to fabricate it in regards to control arm attachment points etc. I know how to build it. I just would like some insight on what you guys have found works best.
Also, my rig has a ton of flex in the rear. The rig seems to work really well with the rear doing most of the flexing and the front just going along for the ride. I really don't want my front to be crazy flexy. I am looking for more of a comfortable, functional, durable setup. I want a setup that is going to give me maximum ground clearance and strength. This rig was purpose built for steep hill climbs and ledge climbing. It has a 113 inch wheelbase. I recently switched from 44 Ground Hawgs to 39.5 Boggers and I like the tire itself, but I will soon be switching to 44's again. Believe it or not with the long wheel base I need more break over and ground clearance back.
Right now I am looking seriously at Air shox, but I have concerns as far as weight. I have a large and heavy stinger bumper on the front and heavy 401 V8 under the hood. I have already experienced leaf spring problems in the front in the past and I am currently using helper springs in the front and this is another reason I want to go away from leaves in the front. I have heard Air Shox can become fatigued. The main reason I think they could work is that my Jeep sees low hours and is a trailer queen. I will try to post some pix if I can figure out how to do it. I am not exactly competent in that area yet. I appreciate any input and thanks in advance. :grinpimp:
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