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For Sale 4’ X 8’ CNC Plasma cutting table complete turn key includes PC controller and Longevity Force Cut 80I plasma with Proma THC. With full licensed Mach 3 software put it in your shop and load TAP cutting files a start cutting. The PC controller is an all in one box housing the PC , drivers, and power supplies TAP files are loaded via a USB stick. This is a well built welded table each slider has 10 sealed ball bearings fully functional limit switches and floating head assembly for the torch mount. The force cut 80I has 2 torches Trafimet P 81 machine torch with 25’ lead and AG-60. Spare tips and electrodes for both torches come with the table. Also tutorials for SheetCam and Inkscape on CDs to help you get started. The table overall dimensions a re 9’ 3” X 6’ 6” This table is too large for my shop price is $4800.
I will sell the table with out the plasma system for $3500.
Hypertherm Duramax machine torch will also fit on the torch holder on the floating head assembly. Or you could adapt your hand held torch to the floating head assembly.
Pensacola Fla. 850-944-1213 [email protected]
I am keeping the other 4’ X 4’ I built here is a video showing the table using the handheld torch cutting ¼” steel parts for the table kits I sell.


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