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44 boggers

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44 bogger on custom rockwell bead locks 2500 call 407 832 2923 ask for bobby GENEVA FL. Trucks Gone Wild Bitches !!!
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last time I looked the monster truck capital was in NC?
ok dumb fuck how do you figure prices are to hi do the math the boggers alone are 1700 bead lock rings are 45ea. and to make the rims blanks are 200ea. then you have to weld them tires are brand new ow and then powder coat hmm thats another 250 but you probably wouldnt no this cause you truck is put together with srtait up junk its allrite i understand had some junk in my days aswell just didnt act the way your bitch ass is acting !!!any body else got any thing retarded to say im sure the ones talkin the shit have good reason to talk it probably got beat up alot in school !!!:flipoff2: oh and if you ever decide to visit FL again be sure to bring you junk would be glad to race you any day and hand u your ass big mouth!!
I'll take that bet. Wanna race for slips? Were putting a bunch together to possible do a show. I would love a nice lawn ornament for my collection.
Is your's?????????? Didn't think so, oh i'm sorry there I go promoting (my bad):flipoff2:
There you go thinking again. If you want a Lucas Hat I'll autograph it for you and send it your way. Just give me an address. :D:D:flipoff2:

Just watch the next XRRA race.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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