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44 boggers

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44 bogger on custom rockwell bead locks 2500 call 407 832 2923 ask for bobby GENEVA FL. Trucks Gone Wild Bitches !!!
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there you go again with your selfless promos, it seems to me that your shit isn't as great as you think it is since you talk it up every other sentence. if your shit was so great it would not need your useless plugs on every reply, rigs that are badass speak for themselves. you are definetly a myspace WHORE.
Kens Tuff Trux

well your right i shouldn't try to promote my truck on this forum. That's about a dumb ass remark wouldn't you say? After all this is a forum dedicated to trucks ( all kinds?) and talk about trucks and so on. i think there are people who just have to put their two cents in no matter what, but hey that's the American way for sure!! by the way I'll let lucas oil on edge keep promoting my truck. It's on speed channel about two or three times a month. Is your's?????????? Didn't think so, oh i'm sorry there I go promoting (my bad):flipoff2:
They are Boggers and Beadlocks..... dime a dozen, price is maybe a bit high but not my deal.... dont need um...... dont want um.

What I am posting for is kinda of hijacking...........put all of your bitchin aside... I dont care whos a dumbass and who is the 4x4 God...........The clips on Trucks Gone Wild make my tongue hard. I love watching other people destroy their shit. Great vids

One suggestion though......... if youre gonna rape a name from somethin you should atleast live up to the original name and show a pair of boobies here and there.

Just my 2 pennies..... take it or leave it

well the main streem vids are a little more family ish but there is a future 1 commin out from what i hear and its gonna have the goodies youwant along with some bad ass trucks they have a TON of boobbies and money shots for sure iknow at mudd fest alone we must have shot 100 pairs of fun bags as well as fullmoons and kittys they were every where and deff not shy about showin either :eek:
Is your's?????????? Didn't think so, oh i'm sorry there I go promoting (my bad):flipoff2:
There you go thinking again. If you want a Lucas Hat I'll autograph it for you and send it your way. Just give me an address. :D:D:flipoff2:

Just watch the next XRRA race.

The over priced boggers are sold sorry , Oh and your still Gay .:flipoff2:
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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