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~i got a 4 runner tailgate for sale, its white, all the wiring is in tact, new window, carpeted style inner pannel,it does have one big dent but i think its just oil canned and i can just pop it out, ill try and post my success of failure later,$150 (keep in mind that i just spent $96 on the new window)
~I got 2 birfs with axle shaft, long side and shortside, I can sell as a pair for $110 or seperate for $60
~Highlift for sale-$60
~Half doors for 84-89 Toyota 4Runner or pick up
~4Runner cargo tray(takes the place of the passenger seats) $75
~4 cylinder carburated computer out of an 84 extra cab-$50
I got a bunch of other stuff that ill post later and ill take some pictures also
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