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Just wanted to let everyone know what's up with 4wd deal with shocks was full of s***! I took a chance of taking advantage of ordering the OME deal I could afford....but backed out after finding out different total amt than I expected...they just revised the savings that I will only save $75.90 instead of $139.98! I kept asking the rep why but given no explanation...I need to speak to supervisor on Monday. I told her that was unfair to revise the deals in middle on whomever's interested in. If they didn't like this deals because of backorders then shouldn't have advertised this on catalog at first place! Guess what...she said they're also charging for the revised savings to people who ordered the shock deals earlier with backorders til Nov. 15th. <IMG SRC="smilies/eek.gif" border="0"> I can't believe what she just told me after I told her I'm gonna let everyone on forums know about this see what they think about this changes but she begged me I better not do that before I speak to supervisor. I asked her what can she do to me if I tell...I dont give a damn what she do cause everyone needs to know!

I would suggest whomever waiting on the backordered orders back out and get their shocks somewhere else. They're not worth the wait with extra $$$. They should've stick with the deal til 10/31 to be fair to everyone!!! That's when it will be smart for them to revise it afterwards....

I wonder if anyone had gone thru this and express any thoughts about these deals??? Thanks...
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