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At the risk of getting death by flame...

I was at 4wheel parts in Oakland, CA to check out the swap meet.

Got to talking with a sales guy (Geoff) and he put up a quote for a 4" Fabtech lift and Warn Gas skid/Steering skid...$2,106 (installed)
(edit:1997 TJ)

Only problem is that they need a deposit today (some special 1 Day only promo). Its gonna cost $2,373 after today.

Anyone have any experiences with that lift or that business (Oakland) good or bad?

Does that sound like a good price?

(BTW, I did search through all 12 pages of "Fabtech" search and 2 pages of "4wheelparts" search)

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flywaterguide said:
Don't Full Traction lift kits suck though? Mine sure did... or at least my springs did.


From what I have seen, no. They are the brand to watch. Their TJ LA is likely the best new kit on the market. The only other kit I ever reccomend is RE which I run. If I were to do it again, I would have to do some serious thinking.
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