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My WICKED set of Steering Articles

Article #1: ResearchAll the research, theory, part numbers, applications, pics and links you need to design your own custom Hy Steer steering, or just to decide what to buy
Article #2: My Steering Version 1See me make D44 steering arms, fab linkage, and give details on tubing sizes, rod ends, and more. Also see what didn't work.
Article #3: My Steering Version 2See me butcher things. Version 1 didn't work perfectly so I made it worse. A lesson in what NOT to do
Article #4: My Steering Version 3From bad to worse - see me bend and brake this poor design. More of what didn't work
Article #5: My Steering Version 4See me figure it all out, actually build something that works and return to good old fashioned Tie Rod Ends
Article #6: My Hybrid axleSee how I created a Hybrid D30 / D44 front axle in my Jeep to retain the high pinion high clearance RR D30, the $$ I had invested in gears and locker, but add D44 outers for manual lockouts, bigger brakes and ball joints, and Hy Steer custom crossover steering.


This kind of hard core back yard built guerilla tech doesn't come easy. It took dozens of hours of research and planning (OK - a couple anyway), and most importantly took the expert and generous help of the following individuals:

Paul Weitlauf
John Nutter
Jeff Ayers
Coby Hughy
Steven J Meyer
Ron Hollatz
Erik Bibelheimer
Old Scout
Doc Nickel

And all the rest of the gang at POR, NAXJA, MADXJ, XJDigest, and JPOR


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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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