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I'm in the middle of swapping my 5.0 for a 4BT turbo diesel.

Originally, I planned on putting a TH700R4 or 4L60 behind the 4BT. That is not going to happen. I have been in contact with several people that have tried this only to find the 4BT beat the hell out of the autos. All of them replaced the auto with an NV4500. Since I already have one.... Keep it!

Anyway, the 5.0 does have to go. The wife want's me to put a C4 on it and stick it in her newly acquired '66. Not gonna happen!

This should be a complete swap for anyone wanting a 5.0. It includes all the wiring, manuals, pumps, plumbing, and even a few extra goodies like OBA with a York compressor and a 120 amp 3g alternator ALREADY INSTALLED!

Here is what comes with it...

'91 Mustang 5.0 HO with 47000 verified original miles
Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator
255 lph Walbro pump
Carter Pusher pump
Fuel pressure guage
BC accumulator/filter
Stainless braided fuel system and AN fittings
FMS engine management harness (not junkyard harness)
spare junkyard harness
FMS EFI computer harness (not junkyard harness)
spare junkyard harness
91 Automatic ECM
Harmonic balancer already machined, balanced, and adapted to V-belts
Flywheel already balanced for 5.0 counterweight
WH JBA Headers and 3" exhaust (minus the flowmaster)
New water pump, tune up parts, belts, hoses, and Melling high volume oil pump (done when I got the engine as a preventative maintenance step)
OBA setup with york compressor
3G 120 amp alternator and wiring harness
New Bosch O2 sensors with both the auto and manual harnesses

I'm sure there is more that I just have not listed, but you get the general idea. Reciepts for just the listed items represent almost $3000. I'm asking $2000 and if you want help dropping it in, I may be up for that as well. It should only take a day, day and a half at most.

Just to put it into perspective, the engine/ecm, FMS harnesses, fuel pumps, and headers would cost you well over $2000.

My 4BT should be ready to drop in by mid October . So if you want to test drive the 5.0, do so by then!! This is a bolt in application folks. I've done the legwork and have ironed out the few bugs that popped up during the conversion (that damned loose ground still pisses me off!)

If interested, email me. If not, I guess the wife gets a new 5.0 .


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