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5.2 Swap Raider/Montero

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Hello. I'm newly registered to this forum and was looking for info on a swap. I have an 88 Montero with the carbed 2.6 and 5 speed but I am looking into a 5.2 swap from a dodge pickup. I found a 5.2 and 5 speed from a dodge Dakota for 500. I'm wondering, does the 5.2 fit fairly well? And would I be able to use the current transfer case? I know fattony on here did the swap, and I know someone else out west did the swap as well but they said they just swapped the motor and trans over. Thanks in advance
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5 speed transfer cases for Mitsubishi manual transmissions are trans specific. So no. The automatic transfer case may work, they are the standard bolt pattern that is on the NP-231, Dana 300, etc. Will it fit? Anything can be shoehorned in. Not heard of anyone doing that swap. But, if you have a working 2.6 and M/T, a good place to get it sold is on Mitsubishi Montero USA Garage Sale page on Facebook. Good way to finance the project.

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A Dodge or Jeep 231 t-case would fit the transmission and have a lower low range than the Mitsubishi t-case, IIRC. The NV3500 trans has a 23 spline output.

You will probably have to mount the radiator ahead of the core support in order to have room for the engine.

Not sure what bore size the Dakota slave cylinder has, but a Jeep YJ slave has a small bore compared to the full size Ram truck slave and probably would match the Montero master cylinder better. It will fit right on the NV3500 and actuate the clutch perfectly. (I'm running a '94-'95 YJ slave and master on my 5.2l CJ-8 V8 w/NV3500 conversion)
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