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I am posting this for a friend of mine. If you are interested in them contact him. We are on the East coast so please remember that if calling.

These are 5 used 15x10 Black Rock Crawler Street Lock Wheels. I'm not exactly sure of the bolt pattern but they came off a Jeep TJ. (5x4.5")

I cleaned them up and painted the outer ring. There not perfect but look really good.

Close-up of the worst outer ring

One wheel has a pretty significant bent on the inner lip that I straitened out as best as I can. It held air fine before I took the tires off, and seemed to roll strait.

These wheels are over $100 new a piece, I'd like to get $200 for all 5 but the price is negotiable.

If you want any more pics E-mail me: [email protected]
or just give me a ring (717) 360-1289

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