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Not only that but if you space the spindle out with the bracket behind it, you're now supporting the vehicle by putting the 3/8 spindle bolts in shear. The step on the spindle where it fits into the knuckle is what is originally designed to support the vehicle. The studs are just there to hold the spindle on.

I had a thread last year about front 60 brackets using the 1/2 or 3/4 chevy front calipers. If you look there's some pictures with the Blackbird brackets.

I haven't done it yet but I still want to convert to smaller brakes in the front. My buggy weighs 3600 lbs there's no reason for the huge 1 ton brakes.

When I do this I'm going to order some weld-on brackets from Ballistic for $34, trim them down and just weld them onto the spindle. To me it's just cleaner than any bracket out there that doesn't space the spindle off the knuckle and put the studs in shear.
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