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You do need the spindle as well. Like stated earlier the inner bearing is larger.

You do not need to get the knuckle. But I would, that way you end up with flat tops, and make high steer easier. The 150 caliper and hanger will bolt to the 250 knuckle, but will not fit the larger diameter of the 250 rotor.

Another nice thing about the 8 lug hub, is that the part that goes around the lock out is alot thicker. So that way you don't have to worry so much about that part cracking and destroying the hub, and making it next to impossible to get your lock out, out.

Your best bet is to grab everything from the knuckle out to convert it. Now you can also grab everything from a GM knuckle out, including the stub axle.

If you search around you will find lots, I mean lots of info on this.

The funny thing is right now I am going from 8 lug to 5 lug, guess I'm backwards on this.
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