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Need this 87 gone. Wife won't let me keep it at home bc it's too ugly and I don't have a trailer atm to move it around. Currently located on a friends empty lot in Beaver, Pa.

It's a mostly stock 87. In rough shape but I'd rather see someone save it and run it than have it get crushed. On 32s that are starting to dry rot. Only had it out on two runs since rebuilding the engine. Body and frame have lots of rust but no gaping holes that I know of. Only runs on starting fluid atm, think the fuel pump froze up or a critter ate the wires. Have a new fuel pump that will go with it. Pinhole leak in radiator. Might leak a little clutch fluid from the slave. Think the electrical system has a bit of a parasitic draw, I disconnect the battery when it sits.

The lot it is on would be tight for a truck and trailer, you might be better off getting it with a roll-back if you have that option.

It's junk. Only buy it if you want the engine or want to turn it into a buggy or really like tetanus. I would NOT buy this intending to return it to daily driving lol.

First $500 or best reasonable offer gets it. Want it gone within the next 2 weeks. Don't want to deal with tire kickers. Only offer if you will come pick it up.

Photo from 2006. It's even uglier now.

Last time I drove it in 2012:
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