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less than 1000k miles on it.

Will not separate parts.

Drop pitman
Drop brackets for ifs
replacement front leaves'
limiting straps
new ubolts
blocks w/ aal

Shipped from 97701.
Make offer

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xj1514 said:
Wasnt antisipating ignorance, so 600 minimum. You pay shipping. You know what to do with the 50 dollars:flipoff2:
it was your ignorance for not posting a price , you should have read the rules before you posted , so back at you :flipoff2:

For Sale Section Rules/Info:

No Commercial Ads
No Group Buys
No Ebay Ads

For best results include contact info, PRICE , location and if possible a photo.
Once your item has been sold please edit your post to indicate it's been sold.

Rudeness and abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

If you have a problem with a purchase transaction and can not work out a solution with a buyer or seller please do the following: Contact the person and tell them if the deal can't be fixed it's time to dissolve it. That means the parts and money both go back to the original party's.

If one or the other parts does not return the money/parts I will post there names here.

List of Problem Buyers/Sellers Below:

No names posted at this time.
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