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Hey guys. Need help/opinions. I'm building a 97 TJ for crawiling, and I will drive it to work occasionally. My first jeep! Waggy front and D44 rear with 4.88's. ARB locker rear and aussie front (cheap!). I'm waffling between the 6" rough country long arm suspension lift or a 4" long arm with a 1" body lift. Do I need a body lift for adding protection plates underneath? One other question: The TJ was bought with a 3" body lift. Can I do anything to keep this? Or has it got to go? (add 2 1/2 suspension lift?). Can I save the $500 for SYE and CV drive shaft if I keep the 3" BL?
Currently has 33" tires, Will go to 35" eventually. Smittybilt bumpers and winch.

Thank you.
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