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Flame on for the horrible paint job. I did it not long out of high school. This was my first car. But it's been neglected far too long. I just don't have time for it. I was saving it for my nephew, but he doesn't seem interested.

It's titled as a '67, and that's what it started out as. I replaced the cab as my first major project, but I couldn't find a '67 back then, so I settled for a rust free '68. The only difference is the heater controls.

I replaced the original 352 with a built 390. It's got a Comp 270H cam and lifters, and adjustable rockers. Pistons were replaced with 360 Pistons that bump compression a little. It's got a Mallory optical distributor, an Edelbrock intake and a Holley 4bbl.

The front axle beams were replaced with disk brake units from a '77 The rear end is a 9" big bearing from a '79.

It needs some love and is showing some rust. I just won't have the time for it anymore, and I hope somebody else will.

PM for more info.
No idea what I should ask for it. $2000 OBO
Located in Oak Creek, CO

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