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Yeah that Bronco went from like 60 or 70 mph to zero in Mexico. Bent the frame & broke most of the front suspension off. We cobbled it back together and towed him out back to our airbnb and had to have some friends come down from SD with a trailer to get him out of there. Quite an ordeal.

In happier news, the guy has since straightened the frame, bought an all new rear end & a set of those bitchin fabricated beams from Cho. It will ride again.
I think it was originally built for the Vildosola team but I don't actually know for sure. Now for my stuff:
Ho-lee shiet it's been a while since I updated this thread.

After letting my truck sit on time-out for a while, I made some upgrades.
I took the rear suspension apart, again, and installed some Grade 8 ultra-coated (Magni565) hardware, properly shanked this time with Nord-Lock washers and fresh nylocks. Hopefully this helps with my loosening upper link bolts.
The rattle is coming from the clearance between the bolt & the through hole so the bolt tension creating friction is the only thing stopping it from shaking. Not 100% sure what my solution would be without cutting out the brackets starting over. I thought about weld-washers but I can't get one installed on the bottom-half of the bracket and that's where most of the clearance is.

Cooling upgrades, finally.

Trans cooler was upgraded to a PWR full aluminum w/ fan + shroud. Hopefully no more overheating in sand. I think my old cooler may not have been plumbed properly, but I didn't guess that until after I tore it all apart. Anyway, I'm just killing this problem with fire as much as possible now.
I'm not hugely thrilled with this location since it's not in direct airflow, so it's depending on the fan to pull the air it needs. Andrew assured me this would work but I basically don't have a ton of other options for where to put this monster.

Radiator cooling.
I upgraded to a Griffin a while back but since I still have frame rails up front that is mounting my steering box, the radiator sits on top of the frame. This means the factory mechanical fan is set low & to one side relative to the centerline of the radiator, making a fan-shroud build very difficult. Beyond my talents because I failed at it. Twice.
So I called Griffin and they custom made me a shroud & electric fan combo to fit my radiator. A Painless wiring harness was actually painless to install with new thermo switches and now the truck idles right on 180 deg for over 20 minutes now. I'm stoked. no more getting pulled across the border, hopefully.

321 - 330 of 330 Posts
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