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For Sale
Located west of Louisville Kentucky
Will not ship, pick up only.

6BT Cummins 12V Less then 50 Miles on new block.
complete Head Job
New Fuel Pump
Industrial Injectors
Comes with F350 Hydroboost Brake boost + gear drive hydro pump
Gear driven Aircompressor
Aluminum Radiator
Full engine accessories. Will be pulled straight out of vehicle nothing removed.

Attached to Engine (will not be seperated)

47RH 4 speed trans Summitt Racing Certified Rebuild, less then 50 miles
NP205 Driver side drop w/ custom twin stick.

$7500, other offers will be considered.

Can also purchase entire jeep. body is a 52 M38 body that has been cut and hacked to fit this motor and
stretched to fit on a CJ6 Frame.

Front Axle is a Dana 44 with 5.38 gears (will have to verify this), arb, and new brakes
Rear Axle is a ford 31 spl 9" with spool and matching gears. New drum breaks.

Axles can be sold seperatly if and only if the engine/trans/tcase sells seperatly.

For entire vehicle asking price is $8500.
Vehicle is not street worthy.
It's a ok trail rig but has issues on steep climbs from wheel speed and weight.

Could probably be made into a decent trail rig by cutting of some of the extra weight from the cage and massivly oversized crossmembers.

Drivetrain less the axles would make a nice addition to a existing tow rig though.

It's the sand colored one in the pictures.


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hey I'm looking for a turbo 6bt alone. I'm wondering if you would part out for the motor
^^^^^^ What a dumbass!!! This thread is 4 years old. Hey BAB-T; I seen that you posted on 3 or 4 other threads that was over a year old but this one takes the cake! Do yourself a favor and check the date and you won't look like such an asshat. :flipoff2:
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