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ive already go a 3 pos ts chip, 4" turbo back exhaust, and guages.. from doin a little bit of research i think im gonna go with the 38R turbo, K&N cold air intake, cfm intake manifold, switch to the 6 pos ts chip, 160cc stage 2 single shot injectors, and im still not sure on which intercooler to go with.. suggestions.? and will those mods require any other mods that HAVE to be done like HPOP or better fuel pump?
-Well clearly not enough research. K&N is useless, go on the diesel sites and look up "dusting". Again the DIY 6637 intake is simple, cheap, and very effective.
-You probably won't need an intercooler with the 160cc single shots. I have slightly bigger single shots and don't need one. If you are just going for straight up power, get a set of Hybrids. Put the money towards a cooling mist water/meth set up. I've got the CGMS or whatever with the pod mount controller.
-You will HAVE to get some transmission work done. I couldn't even drive the truck in anything other than "heavy tow" mode with the goodies in the truck before I put the south bend in. Clutch slipped constantly.
-Get a Fuel/water separator as well, I like my Airdog...you'll want to keep those injectors happy with clean dry fuel.
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