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Hey guys,

I am looking to upgrade from my Dana 44 front and I believe 10 bolt rear. They are locked and have 4.56 gears. They will go under my 85 CJ7 with a spring over. I am wondering what the best/easiest axles are to put under my 72 blazer? Where Can I find the axles? I am thinking I need 1 tons as I am running a well built 350, and want low gearing at least 4.56 maybe lower. I am currently running 36x12.50x15 Swampers. I also was thinking that if I could do disk brakes all around it would be great. I know building axles will cost, I am also open to buying some used, but need to know what to look for, what donor vehicles, years, etc.

In the mean time I broke the passenger axle at the u joint, what is my best option for replacement?

Thanks a bunch.
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