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This is a brand-new side-tank aluminum radiator for a CJ with a Chevy swap (or other) It has the large 2-rows, stamped tanks and billet cap neck. I ordered this radiator for my 4BT swap & it was damaged in shipping, it has a gouge in the front side about 2" from the bottom, 4 rows are mis-shaped with one being a potential leaker. My damage claim has cleared FedEx & they are sending me a new radiator & said to throw this one away. It is just too nice to trash, a small patch job & it could be a fine radiator for somebody.

$75 + shipping from 38141. I can overpack the existing packaging material which should ensure it's survival, if you recieve the radiator damaged I will refund your money (not shipping tho).


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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