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73-91 Chevy Crew Cab 4x4 parts F/S

Chevy 4x4 crewcab frame - $100
Passenger side front and rear doors- $50 a piece.
8' fleetside bed. - $250

The frame is in good shape. It was part of a project that I ran out of $$$. The frame has been partially sand blasted and painted. The part I didn't get to was the section under the cab. (sold the cab ) Frame has factory front dual shock mounts and heavy duty rear springs. I'm assuming they are the factory 1 ton springs. The rear springs have polyurethane bushings The front shackle mount has poly bushings also. No front springs though.

The passenger doors were completely torn down to the bare shell. Took out whatever dings were in the doors and primered with epoxy primer. Both doors are ready for paint.

The bed is semi custom. The stake pockets and gas fillers have been shaved. I was planning on putting a 50 gal aluminum gas tank in the bed. The bed needed to have some rusted out sections at the lower rear fender removed. New metal was welded in and the body worked completed. The bed has been epoxy primed and is basically ready to paint. It may need to have several coats of high build primer and guide coated to make sure it's perfectly straight before color is put down. The under sides of the fender wells need some attention and the inside of the bed has been untouched, but its fairly straight. The bed also comes with a tailgate. The latch handle is missing the old one was FUBAR. All in all, the hard work has been finished.

This stuff is you come pick up deal, due to the size of the parts. I'm located in Crestline, California.


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mdapperdan said:
Sorry to disapoint you. There is nothing illegal about the purching a vin number and paperwork for a future build.

You are incorrect. You CAN NOT purchase a VIN tag and title without a frame/body to go with it.
In any case, it is NOT allowed on this BB, so drop it.
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