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Sorry It is the stock motor on the 76FJ40, a 2F I think, it has a fresh rebuild, a header. It runs great. It is my friend's rig and I love it. He wants to sell it. It has never been offroad since he has restored it. He is very knowledgeable about FJs, I am not. He has just put a full floating warn kit in the rear, warn axles up front eliminating the birfields, warn hubs up front. I think they are 1 ton hubs front and rear. Arbs front and rear with 4.88 gears. Custom driveshafts front and rear. Sagnaw power steering conversion. Full rollcage. New TPI seats (I think) shoulder and lap harness belts. Soa with 35" SSRs.
I love this FJ and everything is new and he wants to sell it. If it was fuel inj. he would like it much better. I could help him install fuel inj. I just want to know the best way to go. I have seen some Holley projections in action and I am not impressed with them. I was think Howell, that clifford kit looks awesome.

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