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I have just the fixer for you! <G> I bought a '76 J20 (for the D60 rear axle for my '84 J10 trailer hauler conversion) It has a 360/T18a (6:1 first instead of 4:1)/D20 combo. I put the truck for sale for $850, but if someone needs enough parts that I can get my money back, I'll part it out! I have a spare 360 flywheel and clutch as well.
This rig is a red longbox with a few character dents and some minor rust along the floor line of the box. The tailgate is actually better than the one I paid $200 for (it's been fixed up and painted to match Black Jack already or I'd swap it) The truck is N code (360 2 bbl with the usual clicking lifters and @95,000 miles) with T18a/D20 combo. Front axle is a D44 with 4.10 gears and J10 knuckles (wrong side drop for me) and rear is a Model 20 with 3.31 (the one from my '84 J10.
I also have 3.54 in a CJ5 M20 and a set of used 3.08 gears from a CJ M20) I can reassemble it to drive away for @$850 (more with extras, like the brand new 36" tires I have on rims for +$1,000). With this deal, I will throw in the D44 factory SOA axle I have that can bolt in (currently with 3.08 gears and sitting under my J10), and a set of used D44 4.10 gears or the used D44 3.31 gears (from my J10's front axle) Also included are the 32"/12.50/16 RVT tires on old chrome Chev 6 lug rims. More goodies as I find them!
Note that the installation of the D44 SOA front axle will lift this truck @8" alone! (rear would get rear shackle flip and 4" blocks)
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